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Nikodent Toothpaste

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If you have decided to quit smoking, Nikodent toothpaste with a habitual gesture such as brushing your teeth helps your will to quit smoking. Nikodent toothpaste used daily helps to quit smoking.


Precious and pure fragrant essences contained in it, characterize a complex, patented, exclusive and all natural synergy. This synergy exploits the principles of Functional Osmology, the science that teaches us that smell and taste represent reflex zones of primary importance due to their close correlation with the vegetative nervous system.

Nikodent's mechanism of action is to cause an aromatic reaction antagonistic to that of the odorous constituents of the smoke that makes it no longer so pleasant.

What are fragrant essences?

They are complex mixtures of volatile organic substances contained in the plant world and are enclosed in special oil cells particularly abundant in flowers and leaves, but also present in seeds, fruits and in the stem. They are called essential oils and have always been used in aromatherapy.

What is Nikodent's mechanism of action?

The nasal mucosa is the gateway to the world of odorous substances. Our sense of smell, closely related to taste, is made up of about 20 thousand days of cells that provide an "olfactory perspective", ie information that is filtered by the limbic system. The limbic system is the emotional headquarters of our brain: here without our being being aware of it, and therefore on a subconscious level, we decide if we like a smell or if we perceive it as an unpleasant smell. At this point Nikodent comes into action: we pervernise the limbic system a particular odor, consisting of an exclusive and patented blend of odorous essences, which counteracts the smell of smoke making this last so unpleasant that the smoker unconsciously, little by little, day by day, he begins to reduce first and then over time to stop smoking, because the limbic system no longer transmits the pleasant smelling message of smoke. The antagonistic action to the smell of smoke does not develop in the oral cavity, but in the limbic system which stores it and prolongs its effect for several hours.

What other functions does Nikodent perform?

Thanks to the presence in the formula of fluoride, silica, triclosan, monosodiophosphate and trisodiophosphate, Nikodent helps to keep teeth and gums healthy, slowing the formation of bacterial plaque, tartar and gum disease. Nikodent fights tooth decay and has a natural whitening and protective action on the gums and teeth.


Thoroughly wash and brush upper teeth from top to bottom and lower teeth from bottom to top for at least 2 minutes. Repeating the operation at least 3 times a day, however after each meal. It is important to use the product regularly and consistently.

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