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Arval Antimacula Serum 30ML

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A luminous skin, without dark spots.

Brown spots and hyper-pigmentation phenomena are a very common problem, and depend on multiple factors such as:

  • genetic predisposition
  • hormonal factors
  • special conditions (pregnancy, medication)
  • atmospheric agents (excessive sun exposure)
  • presence of scars on the skin surface.

At the base of skin pigmentation there are melanocytes: cells that in normal conditions, if stimulated by the sun's rays, protect the nucleus of other cells by producing melanosomes, small pigmented grains that give the skin a tanned effect. Under abnormal conditions, some melanocytes begin to function independently of solar exposure, generating localized discoloration.

The ARVAL solution: ANTIMACULA SCA Complex
A range of products specially formulated for the progressive reduction and attenuation of skin spots.
Innovative ingredients, to combat the causes that trigger the hyper-pigmentation process.

In addition to the characterizing action of the lightening active ingredients, the products have protective and anti-aging properties.


1) Antimacula SCA Complex: an exclusive, highly innovative complex that offers the cosmetic solution to the imperfection of skin blemishes. A complex of active ingredients that act synergistically to counteract hyperchromies and dyschromias. The assets of Antimacula SCA act on several fronts:
• through an antagonistic action of melanotropin (cytostimulating hormone melan);

• by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase (an enzyme essential for the transformation of tyrosine into melanin).
The result is the attenuation of existing stains and the prevention of their excessive formation.

2) Encapsulated biomimetic peptide: for a synergistic lightening action.
3) Diacetyl-boldin: substance originating in the Chilean boldo bark to decrease hyper-pigmented areas.
4) Vitamin E: to protect cells from free radicals and damage from external agents.
5) Bio-hyaluronic acid: for a long-lasting smoothing and moisturizing effect.

Antimacula is a complete program, with textures designed for the needs of various skin types.
Furthermore, the serum and scrub have been specially designed for unisex use.
The line includes daily treatments and intensive and / or periodic treatments.

SERUM - Concentrated serum for dark spots treatment
Lightweight, easily absorbed serum. Light texture, to be combined with other products of the line, to enhance their effects, or under the usual treatment.It is a specialty with a high concentration of active ingredients for the treatment of dark spots, even for localized use, on the whole body. Also ideal for treating men's skin.

Directions for use:
Apply to the hyperpigmented areas of the face and body by massaging gently. Shock treatment to be combined periodically with the usual one, especially in the summer or periods of greater exposure to external agents. Avoid the eye area. During the day it is necessary to combine it with a sunscreen.

• SCA complex
• Encapsulated biomimetic peptide: for a synergistic lightening action
• Vegetable hydroxyproline derivative: for a moisturizing, elasticizing and anti free radical action
• Vitamin E: to protect cells from free radicals and damage from external agents, preventing oxidation and skin aging phenomena

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